Sunday, October 29, 2006

10/20-29/06 What a month!!!

This is my 2nd attempt to blog tonight. The blog monster ate my first attempt. How appropriate for Halloween.

Our trip to Cedar Key, FL on 20th- 23rd.

Dh and I at SeaBreeze Restaurant. The bay view is in the background.

Jack and my Dad. Two wonderful men. Thanks Mom for taking this picture.

My boys.

The fishing from the wall across from our motel was excellent. I'm holding a nice spotted trout.

Jack with a nice Red Fish (Drum).

We were catching fish pretty regularly on 3/0 or smaller hooks, monofilament and dead, frozen shrimp.

I don't know how well you can see the fish, but it is also another red fish. It had 2 spots on the tail.

We also caught too many baby sailcats, grunts, Dad's eel, and ladyfish. The inlet you see behind me leads to the marine (to the right). It is very hard to get under the bridge at high tide and get out past the oyster shell beds during low tide. Yet, Cedar Key is known to be one of the last towns in Florida that one can still make a living off the ocean.

Here I am with my Mom in the hallway of Dockside Motel. I hate that her eyes were closed because it was a great hug and moment for me. It has been about 10 months since I had seen my parents and this was out last night. You know, one of those times when you don't want to say good-bye. About 2 hours after these photos were taken, the flood gates opened up and we'd have to go to bed and leave early in the a.m. I hate good-byes.

Here we are at our third and last dinner at SeaBreeze. We did not plan for all of us to be in pastels, primarily pink. Something about FL weather that makes you go pastel. ha ha.

Our trip to Ft. Walton Beach, FL on 23rd - 25th.

Here is Capt Jack's 2nd cousin's home in the Ft. Walton Beach area. That is the beautiful intracoastal waterway behind their home.

They have gorgeous sunrises to the left and sunsets to the right to see from their balconies. They also share in our enthusiasm for boats and fishing.

Did you see those front steps? Try carrying a couple suitcases up them.

Here is why we went to Ft. Walton Beach:

Grandma Mary is 96 years young!!! Her sister is almost 94 years young. This is my husband's grandmother that he recently re-met a few years ago. She held him as a baby for the first year of his life. After that, Jack's Mom remarried and soon moved away. That's when everybody lost contact. Ten years ago, we reunited with Jack's biological father. Five years ago, we met Jack's grandmother. Last week, we met, for the first time as adults, Jack's Gr-Aunt and 2nd cousin. We tape recorded all the family history and all the fabulous stories of growing up in the FL Keys and Tortugas in the early 1900's. It was a priceless time.

Here is the family photo of 4 generations.

On a fishing note: Jack's family ran the Islamorada Fish House (Market) for many years. Grandma Mary's brother's were the founding owners. Also, Jack's father held the record for largest billfish caught on a pier in Key West for many years. I have some homework to do to dig up the facts on that. When I do, I'll present them here.

Tomorrow, 30th, is our Fair entry deadline! I have been frantically working with the boys to put together photography, artwork, bug boxes, rockets, and potted plants. I doubt I'll even get to the baking tomorrow. I simply have no more energy. I guess we'll have to settle for what we could get done. Life will go on........

UPDATE: We got everything entered and we finished with 37 entries into the Fair. We should have some results in the next couple days on how we did.

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