Sunday, October 08, 2006

10/8/06 Boat maintenance

I know that I've mentioned this before, but I'll repeat it again. One really shouldn't own a boat if they're not mechanically gifted or know a good mechanic. There is always constant upkeep on a boat.

Last trip out, our battery was found to be smoking and thankfully we had the ability to switch off of it and use only the newer one. Today, Jack picked up a new battery and installed it. He also found a clog in a drain in the oil compartment that wasn't working right the past couple weeks. A year ago, he insisted that he had to own an air compressor and it has already paid for itself in upkeep. He blew out the clog in the line, then filled the air on the kids' bikes and air in the suburban's tires.

Last but not least, we had suspect the gas gauge to not be moving correctly. One trip, our gas needle actually went up instead of down. This last trip, we put on over 60-80 miles and the gauge did not move. So, Jack pulled the sealed hatch and he suspicions were correct. The battery acid (or fumes) had corroded the wires to the gas gauge. Once those were fixed, we started up the engine. Not only was the battery working properly, so was the gas gauge. We actually were down at 1/4 tank of gas, not 1/2 tank. That would have been an awful mistake to run out of gas 20-30 miles offshore. We do have a membership to help with that, but still....... it's one of those senseless mistakes to make.

The seas are still 3-5 ft all week. We're praying that they lay down to 2-3 ft by Friday so we can do some bottom fishing. The first reports of a nice mixed bag (variety) of bottom fish were coming in this weekend. We're also considering purchasing a couple nice new bottom reels to pull up this big ones. We'll see.

Tight lines and Happy fishing!

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