Wednesday, October 11, 2006

10/11/06 Pre-offshore Prep Day

It will be a early morning call to be sure, but so far, it looks like we will be making an offshore run tomorrow. If not, Friday looks promising too (another change in the forecast).

On the way home from work, Jack picked up plenty of lead, hooks, sinus meds for our son and my 8x10's for the Fair. Next, we hooked up the ol' gal and took her over to Hess to fill up at $2.19/gal. We haven't seen these prices in quite some time. We ended up putting 52 gals in the tank. It was nice to see the gas needle working properly as we sat endlessly pumping that much gas. Once home, Jack tied the double-hook rigs. Essentially, they are one hook for the eyes of the sardine and one hook to be placed in the abdomen. It increases your chances of hooking whatever is stealing your bait. He made many of these and keeps them neatly on a special piece of cardboard. This way, if we're losing some terminal-end gear, we can get back into the action quicker. One simple knot and we're off fishing again.

Last but not least, I checked our licenses to make sure everything was in order. We aren't planning on catching a snook but I wanted to make sure that was in there for a possible Fri night outing. Snook love to eat at night at the mouth of the inlet. I printed off a new Regulations sheet because I read the regs were updated in July 2006.

Praying for tight lines and calm seas!

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Crowzma said...

This fishing stuff has a language all its own. But I'm learning as I read. I know nothing about fishing ... nothing. I only know I love being out on the sea in a boat, and your reports always put me there. Thanks!