Saturday, April 08, 2006

4/8/06 Clean-up

Today, we clean up our boat and ran the engine to keep the batteries fresh on her. The seas will be high all week and winds up, so we thought it best to give her a bath. The salt water can be very destructive on your boat, engine & trailer.

The Mahi Mahi are coming closer to shore. Some local guys have caught them in the 150 ft+ waters. By mid-late April, we will head out to start catching some on our own boat. Jack caught his first last year on a friend's boat. The boys and I are still waiting for our first time. We were never able to venture out far with our previous recreation boat. It had only a 30 gal gas tank, whereas our big gal has 150 gal tank. That plus we have one of the most fuel efficient engines running on the back of her. (2003 Merc 225hp, Opti-Max.)

Last weekend, while we were stopping for ice & shrimp, a couple gentlemen stopped to compliment Jack on our boat. Mako makes a wonderful boat and the hull design on our 248 is top-notch for comfort while we run at 49 mph top speed. Cruising is more like 30 mph.

Our trailer has rollers instead of the tradition wooden bunks. It took some getting used to but I think that I rather like the rollers now. At some point, maybe next winter, we will have to either convert it to bunks or put new rollers on because these old ones are scuffing the bottom of the boat which is awful looking. Once that is done, we can concentrate on giving her a fresh coat of paint & getting a new logo on her.

When we bought the Mako, the name was First Choice. After tossing names back 'n' forth for over 6 months, I think we'll keep the same name. We took off the lettering to allow us the freedom to design a new logo w/ words to have put up there. Jack has a work friend who is opening up a graphics business and will help us.

I will post up the new logo if/when I have time to create one, which is hopefully this week.


Anonymous said...

Robin Sailors lore says it is bad luck to change the name of a boat.

Robin's Reports said...

Yes, Jack has heard the same and that was a main factor in keeping the same name. - Thanks for confirming what we heard.