Tuesday, April 04, 2006

4/2/03 It is so awesome to be in God's house Sunday morning, then out in the afternoon to see God's creations in the water. Forgive the glare on the water. This manta ray stalled out at the front of our boat as if to look at us, like we were looking at her.

Overall, we saw 8 mantas on Sunday. I never get tired of spotting them and following them for a short while. I wait all hear for them to come migrate back through our area and then, it is like Christmas morning all over again.

I am also including this illustration to point out the parts to the young or new enthusiasts.
Mantas can have a wingspan from a few feet to over a dozen feet. Although this one way down a few feet (shown here), I'd guess her to be about 6 ft - on the smaller side.

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