Friday, April 21, 2006

4/21/06 WaaaaHOOOOOOO!

It was a beautiful day offshore, especially all morning and early afternoon. As soon as Jack & his buddies got to cobalt blue water, they spotted something jumping out of the water. Shark, Cobia, no Shark, ???. They threw the ballyhoo out and in no time, they had this guy hooked. As I have mentioned before, you will not have much a problem getting the cobia to the boat. The problem is once they are IN the boat. This guy showed he was going to flip himself out of that boat if he could. There were no pictures of that action since it was chaotic. They did finally show him the luxury ice bath house, which relaxed him. Capt. Jack says that Mike's cobia was even bigger than mine (22 lbs - 36 in). He said the cobia went off the measuring stick so they never did get the full length or weight.

They did troll around for a long time. I know they had big dreams of putting the first dolphin-mahi mahi - dorado on our own boat. They never saw one all day. At some point, the line on the outriggers popped and line was screaming off a reel. I don't have the full story but Jack said it was a wonderful game-on fight for his friend, Joe. It is a wahoo, which IS the first one for our boat and I believe a first ever for Jack to have seen caught first-hand. As you can see, they have magnificient blues to purple hues and distinctive stripes when excited. This wahoo is still very much alive and mad! Kudos to Jack for sticking the gaff cleanly 3 for 3x.

The last fish to be caught trolling was a medium sized barracuda. Nobody around here eats them because of the possible toxins in their meat; however, people from the islands say they know how to distinguish which are good eating and eat them regularly. Soooo, a guy at work wanted a barracuda if Jack could get on in the smaller range. I don't have a picture of him, but he is on ice and will be packaged for freezing for his friend. I thought it would be more fun to show all three friends (Mike, Joe and John) with the Wahoo.

I'll have more stats tomorrow, but the Capt said they were 39 miles offshore at one point, which would have put them in the middle of the Gulf Stream. He said it wasn't bad - maybe 1 ft higher than the inshore height. They trolled from the cones to Highbar, then back home.

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