Friday, April 21, 2006

4/21/06 Big Game Day!!!

Jack and the guys started arriving at 6am from work & their homes. I don't know what happened to my wake-up call, but I hurried to join all of them. We loaded what they had, hitched up the boat and they drove off. Then, after I got my first cup of coffee, I got a call they were coming back home. Ugh. They forgot the beanbags chairs & Jack's x-ray vision glasses (as I like to call them). I know Jack must have been so disappointed to be driving home as the sun was cresting over the edge of earth.

I am praying for safety first. Then, I pray for a good day and possibly fish. Jack does not like to pray for fish because he thinks it sounds selfish and maybe that is true. Is it wrong to pray that your football team will win? Possibly. Anyhow, I still am praying for fish and hope that God understands my desires that every fishing trip be cost-effective. LOL. I like to get a little something for the freezer out of the deal or something entertaining & educational for those on board.

Yesterday, we put a new anchor line aboard. We had 1/2" heavy nylon that cut into your raw fingers. We were learning that thicker line can be pushed by the water currents, hence leaving you w/ the need for more line to keep your anchor down. A math lesson....say your fishing 50 ft of water, you need 150 ft of line (3x the depth) to keep anchored from coming off the bottom. Heavier line may mean needing more rope because of more resistance (drag). We cut back to 3/8" soft nylon for less resistance. Also, having smaller diameter rope means that we can fit more length into the anchor bin. We went from 150-ish ft of rope to 350 ft of rope in the same area. Now, we will have the ability to anchor in deeper waters if need be. It is also wise to have 5-10 ft of chain in front of your anchor for weight. This keeps it dug down into the sand and the arm of the anchor from being lifted up by the rope. We have approx 5 ft of chain but we're going to up that in the near future.

Brining? What is it? Fishermen brine their ballyhoo in brine salt in order to toughen up the skin so that you can troll your baits for a longer time without them breaking up. Also, if you add baking soda to your brine, it is suppose to bring out the shine which attracts large game fish. Ballyhoo are mostly on the menu today. In front of the ballyhoo will be teasers, bubblers and skirts to attract the ears and eyes of the pelagics and bring them over for a taste. Goodness, I just realized that men are part of the pelagic species!

Our 225 Merc Opti-Max engine is a oil-injected engine. Jack also refilled his oil bin to the top and brought along a gallon of extra for emergency. I don't think they will need that much oil but it is essential to keeping your engine running smoothly.

I hope to share pictures with you all tomorrow.

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