Saturday, February 06, 2016


by Robin

Since Florida doesn't seem to be participating in Winter this year, we realized we may need to get prepared for the spring migration a bit sooner. Plus, our weather was too rainy for any yard projects. We decided to have our weekend date at Bass Pro Shop.

I love my man.  He totally gets my hatred for shopping and yet, love of fishing.  I thought we struck a nice balance of looking at boats, getting me something to snack on before my blood sugar completely crashed, then continue looking for lures, rods, knife sharpeners and such.

(New tripletail 7 ft rod on left, 2 spinner rods on right)
 photo DSC_2349Sm.jpg

I'd say it was a pretty good trip, followed up with a nice lunch at Chik-fil-A.

(We're set up for tripletail, cobia, tarpon and bait!)
 photo DSC_2350Sm.jpg

Followed by a trip to Northern Tools for more boat canopy bungees.  :)

Happy Fishing!

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