Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Searching for the best scalloping bottom.

by Robin....

Are you ready??  These are the underwater gates to Three Sister Springs.  This is from 2012 because when we went in 2013... it was a mad house!  People everywhere.  Silt was stirred up like crazy. We had to worry about getting run over.  I'm soooo glad we're doing a week trip and avoiding the weekend crowds this time.

 photo DSCN0135UnderwaterGates.jpg

Ok, so really, for scalloping, you want to get out of King's Bay, down Crystal River and out the mouth of the port.  Find the crowd.  Don't run aground.  You want to be in about 3-4 ft of water. 6 ft is too deep if you want any endurance. Be careful not to hit people or shallow rock formations.

 photo DSCN0343Steps.jpg

Different bottoms. Not good. We have found the scallops don't like this stuff as much.

 photo DSCN0474Coral.jpg

Not great. Those little fluffy balls will make you anchor up only to be disappointed. Not impossible to find them, I'm just saying grass is better.

 photo DSCN0350MixBottom.jpg

Best. There is thick grass, but you'll be hunting and hunting.  We found that sparse grass is the best.

 photo DSCN0507Scallop.jpg

When you find that, you'll find the scallops.

 photo DSCN0322JackScalloping.jpg

Just a couple more days........

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