Saturday, August 02, 2014

SCALLOP SEASON - where to begin?

by Robin

Hello fellow followers (including the NSA and the NMFS guys),

I'm sorry I lost interest in blogging.  We have been fishing and completely enjoyed ourselves with Snapper season two of the three times. We broken an engine sensor on the first Friday's trip.   I felt bad for our friend Martin who was finally gonna get to go offshore and catch a big fish.

Waited for Sea Tow to get us because we didn't know if the engine was really overheating.  Didn't want to risk it.

 Sunday's trip was better, but I got sea sick.  vomited right after we landed this fish.  Still, nice color in the box between the mahi and red snapper.

The next Saturday, we were back on our boat and Jack put me on snapper after snapper.  We stayed relatively shallow, so we threw back many of them before I found my keeper.

Not a hero but a decent fight and keeper.

But, anyhow, I came back here to review my own pictures and inventory of scallop season.  What a blessing it was that I made a list last year.  Now, I just need to check it off again.

I've got one week to go!!

Anyhow, here are just a few of the things I did to check off some things on the list to get out the door.

* shop in bulk for snacks and drinks
* dremmel dog toenails and give them flea meds
* hair cuts for all, pedicure for me, color hair (because there is nothing worse than seeing gray roots in all my pictures!
* laundry, dishes, yard cutting, ironing, more laundry
* packing suit cases (Technically, the boys did their own.)
* make sure pool chemicals are right & pool treated before we go
* have various critter sitters lined up, folks to watch house, take in mail, etc.
* clear off all cameras, charge all rechargeables, find cords to charge things
* make more lists
* gather together salt, pepper, dish towels, soaps, meds, shampoos, griddle, blender, etc.
* get papers ready for Open House at co-op on Tuesday.
* more laundry, pack bathing suits, sunblock, bug spray, first aid
* sort snorkel gear and make sure everyone has their individual grab bags marked & ready to load on boat

* garbage out!

And like every year, at this time, we have birthdays!!  3 in a month's time.  Here, our eldest turns 18!!

Lobster mini-season came and went but Jack could not get off work to drive his friend's boat and follow bubbles.  What a shame.  I love lobster with Thanksgiving dinner.

God bless you all.  Like always, I'll be bringing my bloggie for video, Nikon L810 for good pictures and my underwater Nikon for scalloping and springs pics.   Maybe I'll even blog more this week.

Blessings and Tight lines to you all,

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