Saturday, August 09, 2014

Prepping Pooped!

by Robin

I am pretty certain that I am exhausted from running errands, prepping, packing, planning, and soon-to-loading.  I do not want to run one more load of laundry and yet.... my youngest is because .... his Nike socks weren't washed.  I need a nap!! 

Our precious bunny is at the bunny sitters.  Our hens are happy & loaded with food & water.  They'll get a daily check.  Our dogs are not making the trip this year and we have a dog sitter.  So thankful for good neighbors.  Pool is overchlorinated and cleaned.  Garden is on rest.

I am READY to go!! I was so ready yesterday that I swam in my pool with my snorkeling gear on.  LOL.

Jack did all truck, boat and trailering maintenance earlier today.  Time to gas up and then hitch her up.  We're just waiting on one thing...... a son to get off work late tonight.  He can sleep on the drive over.

Did I mention that I'm ready?  I'm ready.

Happy scalloping!!

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