Friday, May 18, 2012


by Robin

A couple of weeks ago, we caught Trigger offshore.  Correction:  I caught trigger offshore.   LOL  Here is what I did with it.

Jack fileted it without skin.  I kept the spices very simple with a little garlic powder, salt & pepper and a small amount of lemon zest AFTER rubbing a little olive oil on both sides.  I chopped some thyme and parsley to put on top.  With the pan, you get it very hot with a squirt or two of olive oil and then some fake butter.  (I can't have dairy).  Sear away!!  Only do a couple minutes on each side.  Then, squeeze some fresh lemon juice on each side before turning.  Make sure your fish is cooked through and then put onto plate.

I happened to have fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and basil from my garden to make the perfect, healthy side vegetable.


Normally, we do a lot of lime on fish in our household, but it was very refreshing to have the lemon flavoring tonight.  This dish gives you a taste of Italy when you bite into it. 

God bless & Good luck to all those fishing the CFOA fishing tournament this weekend.  We will be watching you at the weigh-in.


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