Friday, May 11, 2012


by Robin

Pic from 2009

SAFMC's Mother's Day gift to me!!

Note from Robin to you:  This does not end the ban on Warsaw & Speckle-Hind possessions.  This only opens the closure of the 6 other species that were closed to prevent Warsaw & Speckle-Hind by-catches from the 240 ft depth & out.

"Effective May 10, 2012, a federal ban on recreational and commercial fishing for deep-water snapper and grouper in depths greater than 240 feet in the South Atlantic is no longer in effect. Since going into effect on January 31, 2011, this closure had a significant economic impact on businesses throughout the South Atlantic region."

"After taking into consideration the high economic cost of the ban to the sportfishing industry, and a new analysis of fisheries data, the South Atlantic Council determined that the ban was not necessary to achieve the goal of ending overfishing for speckled hind and warsaw grouper." 

(Pic from 2007)

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