Thursday, March 01, 2012

GRRRR with this weather!!

by Robin

Earlier this week, they called for 2-3 ft on Saturday, which we can do. Today, they're saying 20 knot winds and 4-6 ft. This is just awful. 87 degrees and I can't get out on my boat to catch cobia or head out to my favorite vermillion snapper hole. That season just opened up today, March 1st.(NOTE: I was wrong with the date here. It opened Apr 1st)

I know it seems like such a selfish desire given that countries are in the midst of civil unrest and Super Tuesday is coming up in our country. People are starving in several countries and many people need the gospel brought to them in their own native language.

But, I'm only asking for 10 hrs of good weather on a Saturday. Please. For my mental health. Please? It's been 7 wks since my last fishing trip.

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