Saturday, May 07, 2011

5/1/11 NEW HOME!!!
by Robin

Most the time, our boat stays at our house and is parked in the yard; but, it is near time for vacation (AKA Mahi season) and more frequent boating. Jack thought it would be great to treat ourselves to a couple months of keeping the boat at the marina.

Quite honestly, every since we were in the accident, hauling the boat to the marina, I've been scared to tow it. I think Jack knows that although he's never made me feel bad for it.

See her in the channel??

Plus, like he said, while we've got lots of vacation time this month, it is nicer to not have the burden of loading & unloading the thing. The marina we picked out is convenient, reasonably price and they put in an inground pool last week. While we're at the marina, the boys can jump in the pool to quickly refresh after the day's heat. I'm liking that idea too. Being in the salty environment can make you feel so salty.

(Coming down the center)

Jack is trying to talk me into keeping the boat out there permanently, but we'll how good he is of convincing me on that!

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