Saturday, November 28, 2009

by Robin

Yesterday looked like it was going to be another quiet day after the holidays. The boys both are fighting small colds. Shopping was last on my to-do list, right after emergency surgery. ;o)

Jack and I made a beautiful mahi mahi lunch to go with our holiday leftover side dishes. We did bills. I had just started a grocery list when the phone rang. Our friends were heading to their marina to fish for bait. Saturday, they would head offshore for some nice bottom fishing.

We made the decision to leave our eldest in charge for a couple hours of babysittng and keep the germs contained to our household. Jack and I met our friends at the dock. Most of us had poles w/ little hooks and the fun began.

We brought up little jacks, pinfish, sailor's choice.... and then, the mangrove snapper started biting. Granted, they weren't huge and a few were released, but they were nice panfish overall. A couple hours later, the sun was about to set and the temperature dropped significantly.

We hugged good-bye and parted ways. It was so good to get out, share some laughs and catch bait & dinner. We drove home toward a beautiful sunset. It's little moments like these that make us to glad we live in Florida and are so accessible to great fishing waters. It also reminds me that it won't be long before the beach fishing gets on fire with pompano. I love eating pompano.

Happy Fishing. It should be a beautiful weekend to fish. I'm grocery shopping today and then heading to church tomorrow. Maybe Monday will be nice too.


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