Thursday, December 07, 2006

12/7/06 We have lift off!! Oh and chocolate mint cookies!

I'm coming up on a month of not fishing (the 11th) and the seas are up to 6 ft+. The good news to that is that all the fish are growing but nobody else can catch them either. When we hit that snapper hole again, we should be able to easily find some nice keepers.

Tonight, Discovery will hopefully launch in less than an hour.
To pass the time away, the kids and I decided to make some more holiday cookies. Again, this recipe comes from Jill at Sonlight. They mimic Thin Mints from Girl Scouts, only I put a caramel twist on them.
First, I cut little squares of those caramel apple wraps. Firmly place on Nilla Wafers.

Secondly, melt the chocolate (1 bag) at 50% power for 2 min increments until soft. Add 1 tsp peppermint extract to the melted chocolate.

Here is my son, dipping the wafers into the chocolate/mint sauce. (PS: you may want to thin the chocolate with a couple Tbls of oil)
It does look messy here. We put them into the freezer to harden the chocolate. After that was done, we pulled them off the wax paper and broke off excessive chocolate edges. The covered wafers were put into a freezer bag to be saved for a holiday party or company or gifts.

Here are my guys from our Share-the-Fun 4H event on Monday night. Both of them chose to perform a Christian song with video to the audience. Ribbons are based on points given by the judges. Son #1 barely missed his blue ribbon thanks to 1 judge. He was in Junior division. Last year, he won it with sign language. Son #2 is a cloverbud and they are not awarded points. A blue ribbon is a token of encouragement.

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Sharie said...

Oh you're killing me with these sweets! I'm trying so hard to eat better and I'm doing stupid Pilates too! Ugh! I'll have to make Christmas cookies with the kids though. This looks like so much fun!