Saturday, May 02, 2015


by Robin

No... not insurance, but tarping!

 photo 100_3239tarpOn.jpg

Since 2011, we've had a wonderful tarp that lives over the boat until we can build a boat barn.  However, sometimes not everybody is available to help heave it over the boat frame.  The tarp is heavy and the PVC pipes are warping with the Florida heat.

(Below was original design, then redone to make that back line straight and additional support behind the black bimini.  Wish we had stuck with that original design of angling down towards the engine.)
 photo 100_3238PVCSupport.jpg

Since we needed to replace the old gray tarp (20x40)with a new one (blue & lighter 20x 30), it was time to rethink the frame.  They have now included thicker PVC and different supports.  No more blue rope to tie and "hope" the joints stay together.

 photo DSC_0172sm.jpg

What does a mechanic and an engineer student do when the wind blows?  (These two love to work together. )

 photo DSC_0171sm.jpg

Of course, build it better!!

 photo DSC_0170sm.jpg

I'm so glad son took the weekend off from his job to study for finals.... build a boat-tarp frame.   I can't wait to see how much better it works.   This should make it a LOT easier for us short folks to pull that tarp up to the front of the boat.

Btw, we are repurposing the old tarp to cover the garden in the winter freezes.  Yeah!!

Also, I'll go back during the week and see about where I left off with fishing trips.  I'm sure I must have missed a trip.



Frank Manfredo said...

Hi... Love your boat.. I have an 87' 248 that did not hit the water yet. I had a few questions if you can help me out. I was wondering if you know the deadrise on the boat since the specs are not out there? Also, how does this boat handle in the chop or headsea? Im redoing a lot of work on the boat to update it and will see the water next season. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thank you

Robin's Reports said...

I was talking to Jack about this and he can't remember the exact numbers on the deadrise. He recommended that you google it because that's how he did it. There is a Mako forum and that was very helpful in finding lot of information on parts, model information, and restoration help. Somewhere on that forum is a thread of our beginning to end progress of the restoration of our boat.

The boat is wonderful in chop and pretty good in head seas. Love the big flair. We love the big cockpit for fishability. The one con we found was that it was very hard to turn in tight quarters, especially with the more wind you get. It's got a large profile that catches the wind.

I hope that helps you. Good luck to you in your restoration project. We absolutely love our Mako. We have seen other beautiful boats and considered trading her in for them, but in the end, this boat is just too nice. We'll probably just repower it when the time comes for that.