Friday, February 13, 2015


by Robin

I suppose it is also about time I show you our live well.  First, the new pump we put in.

 photo DSC_0169-1.jpg

Works great!!

Then, he filled this up to check it for leaks.

 photo DSC_0179-1.jpg

No leaks here either.   One little drip, but I think he tightened that clamp right away.

 photo DSC_0180-1-1.jpg

And it drains out nicely, also without leaks.  This is a new through-hull fitting.

 photo DSC_0187-1.jpg

And our batch of test shrimp were happy as clams  can be.  We have an adjustable knob for how much water flow you want for different baits.

 photo DSC_0191-1.jpg

Jack even put his last sticker on the barrel to "claim" it as one of our upgrades.

 photo DSC_0178-1.jpg

Happy Fishing,
I can't wait to fill this and catch something!


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