Sunday, January 26, 2014


by Robin

(Pic of BP in Palm Bay)

I went to 2 Bass Pro stores, 2 different cities in 2 days. Gotta be some historic record for a woman. I do think this place is to men the same as Disney is to kids.... a theme park for hunters and fishermen. I'm exhausted. Nearly took my post-Chipotles' nap on a Mako 286 display boat.

But, the amazing thing about the new one in Palm Bay is that they will eventually have a fully operational & stocked gator pond in the front.  (looks like a racing track)  They used repurposed roofing and pipes for decorations.  It looks amazing.  It beat the Orlando store by a mile.  The replicas of offshore fish were in abundance, displaying various habitats and schools of fish.  I learned something new about deer and their antlers/ point system.  

Plus, they had a much bigger selection of offshore items since it is closer to the beaches.  

Well done Bass Pro.  Well done. 

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