Thursday, February 07, 2013

It's almost fishing time!!

Dear friends,

I have been away from the ocean for far too long.  I have fishing fever very badly.  Jack has been spending many weekends working on vehicles and prepping the boat for the upcoming fishing season.  Last week, he bought a new Cannon Downrigger.  I have to say, it is very nice.  We are hoping to increase our hook-up opportunities as the fishing weather gets warming and the pelagic species move from the top of the water to mid-column. 

 photo 100_4381PelicanSunrise.jpg

Anyhow, we were hoping to have a small window of opportunity to fish this weekend.  Basically, it would be a trial run near shore to make sure all the new changes are working right and we can get home safely if they aren't. 

I am so ready to be up at the crack of dawn and heading offshore, like this earlier picture represents.  It's time to fish.

Also, I wanted to note that we bought the vacant lot next to us!!  So, now we are expanding out there with a boat barn!  At this point, we've only removed some small trees and palms to expand the 3rd parking space over about 3 ft.  This is a long-term goal to put in the boat barn. 
 photo 100_3235FirstChoiceDriveway.jpg

We'll be back out fishing soon. 


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