Saturday, February 09, 2013

Cannon Downrigger

by Robin

I mentioned the other day that Jack bought a Cannon Downrigger for First Choice.  Here are the pics of it.  He mounted it today to the transom.

Here it is slightly extended heading straight out the back.  Love the rod holder on it!

 photo 2013-02-09151856downrigr.jpg

With the boom fully extended and the degree of the angle changed.  Awesome!! Jack is a happy camper.

 photo 2013-02-09151953longrigr.jpg

This weekend, the wind picked up and so we opted to work out house chores.  Jack worked on his car and then played with mounting this on our lovely Saturday. 

For me, I ended up on the backside of the house with working for hours in my gardens.  I know there is a blizzard somewhere in the United States, but for us, it was high 70's and I got some sun on my shoulders.  Couldn't be nicer weather to work hard labor in.  No sweating at all!!  Not all Februarys are this beautiful, but I will take it!

Happy Fishing!

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