Friday, October 24, 2008

by Robin

Today, the wind is kicking hard and bouy reports say the seas are 7-10 ft. I was desperate to look at fish (ha ha) while I ate lunch so I looked at some local fishing forums for more reports.

Inshore: LOTS of redfish & snook season is open. Special permit is needed but it is well worth the $2 for the permit. Snook make delicious eating. Flounder are making their way back around the port. Gigging & fishing is good. Pretty soon, the mullet will be making their migration and then fishermen will load up on those bait fish.

Offshore: I saw a couple reports out of Sebastian Inlet which is south of me. The last reports I saw of Port Canaveral were from the 18th. Many reported "washing machine" waves but those who got outo were fortunate to find Red & Mangrove Snapper eating as if they were STARVED. Folks were limiting out on the Snapper in record time. Cobia are coming back through the area on their way back to warmer waters. This is one of those nice benefits of fall. It's not as strong as the spring migration northward but still, you get chance at another species to add to the cooler. Sharks are still pretty plentiful so move to the next spot if you find them.

Seas should be 3-4 ft next week. We'll see if we will be able to make a trip out.

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Karen said...

Hope you get to go out. We went Monday and it was cold and windy, but proved productive. Enough bass for a nice dinner with the relatives and more. This fisherman looks so happy :)
It is a wonderful sport.
Love ya,