Tuesday, October 14, 2008

by Robin

I know I left you here all week, with baited breath I'm sure, waiting for some inspirational story on Stormwater Treatment. Sorry.

Here's the short short story.... Rain falls, seeps into the ground, is then drilled for and then filtered for city use. OR Rain falls, creates run-off, goes into sewer pipes, is then filtered out, cleaned and then returned back to the Indian river or used for city water after some chemistry is done to ensure it is all safe. I could bore you with more details but I won't.

Water treatment is a BIG NATIONAL SECURITY. We were not allowed to take photos inside the facility. Here is one I can show you from the front of the building.

We had over an hour of lecture from within a conference room and then toured the facility. Wow. While most of it was over my head, it was fascinating stuff I never gave any thought to previously. It will help the boys immensely with the research they are doing for the FIRST Lego League.

Gas is going down so I'm hoping to have a fishing report in the near future. I sure do miss fishing. After the first cold snap, many of this big offshore bottom dwelling fish should be moving further into shore, making for a nice day of fishing for us. Can't wait to do all that.

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