Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend Report

We heard the some very brave men were out in fairly high swells and found cobia Friday and Saturday afternoon. We had spent those days with being at the beach, cleaning and returning our Spring Break guest home. However, Sunday afternoon, it was hard to ignore the sunshine and ocean calling our names. The wind has made fishing very impossible for 2 wks now. I guess the wind will come in like a Lion and go out like a Lion, instead of a lamb.

Here you can see we weren't alone w/ dozens of other boaters.

Right out of the gate, we saw a big (40lb range) cobia who followed our jig all the way to the boat, turned around and headed in a 45 deg straight to the bottom. Gone. It was a lesson learned. No more jigs, only live bait! Water clarity was like emerald green mud. We headed further out to deeper water but when we didn't see anything, we headed back towards the beaches and ended up seeing a 2nd one, much smaller. Jack offered up a live shrimp and that worked. The fish made a couple runs and I smooth talked my way into getting the fight into my hands. We saw it a few times and somewhere right off the back of the boat, the hook popped out of the water. We lost him. How sad and he wasn't even fighting. However, what we couldn't see, and probably happened, was that he was rolling and the hook may have pulled through some barely hooked skin. It's just speculation though.

On another go, we spotted an orange foam thingamajig which had a tripletail under it. Casting with 20 knot winds wasn't easy but Jack made quick work of bring home the I'm tellin' ya, the water was so cloudy that this poor fish didn't take the shrimp until it was 1 foot from the side of the boat and then high-tailed it. Tripletail are very easily spooked so we felt so blessed to have all 4 of us witness such a rare event. We were no sooner on our way from throwing her in the cooler and I spotted another free swimming. She was swimming right to us and Jack never had his eyes on her. It was frustrating at best to keep saying, "Right in front of you" and him saying, "I can't see it." She literally swam up to the boat and then under it. We lost her.

We get going again and Jack spots a baby tripletail, about 10 inches, under some seaweed. His goal was to throw the cast and let Matthew do the hook up and fight the fish to the boat, only the wind ruined all casts and the kiddo figured us out. I think I was most bummed about that because we really enjoy seeing the kids fishing.

So, we headed home to hopefully get back for evening church. Jack took these pictures of me holding *his* tripletail that he was too manly to pose with. I guess it has to be over 20 lbs before he will pose. ha ha. Forgive my au natural look after sweat and sunblock!

I think my lesson learned was that you should never leave almost 2 dozen shrimp, in the bucket, in the driveway and remember to throw them out the next morning. It really stinks for them and for you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Robin
Nice fish. I really enjoy seeing the pictures of all those tropical species you folks catch down there. We have nothing like that up here for sport fishing. But I guess the up side is the fish we do catch we make some money with them. :-)
We hauled about 100 Lobster traps to the wharf Saturday. We tagged and tied them on. Will do more probably Thursday. Not been to the HS library for a week or more I don't think. Anyway, you folks have some good fishing.