Friday, March 16, 2007

3/16/07 Spring Break turns ugly!!

Here are my 3 Amigos picking out our little piece of real estate.

We double-schooled yesterday in order to run to the beach today before all the pink-toasted aliens start arriving on our beaches (AKA Spring Breakers).
We had T-storms in the night and woke up to some rain. By about 11 am, we had a little glimpse of sunlight and so we packed up some castle-making gear and headed out.

As you can see from this picture, we had a touch of sunny skies in the background. There is my eldest starting his sandcastle.

Here is hubby keeping his promise of the beach and yet being exhausted from working all night. He is trying to take a nap but the sand was blowing into his face.

Little man making his castle.

It was ugly and got uglier in a short while. I barely got this shot and a couple of home movies before the sprinkles settled in.

We have to admit defeat on the Spring Break Day we had planned for ourselves and go with Plan B.
Of course, in this family, Plan B is usually as good as Plan A. We drove a few hundred feet out of Jetty Park and went into Atlantic Seafood Market.
The guys picked out Alaskan Snow Crab legs, Rock Shrimp, White Shrimp for peel-n-eating. Sides are salads, fruit, lima beans and baked french fries. What a feast for $20.
Support your local fishermen!


Knatolee said...

My oh my, I am VERY jealous of your seafood feast. Well, except for the lima beans! What wonderful seafood you have. Mmmmmmm....

AJR said...

Hi Robin
"pink-toasted aliens" That would be me if I ever had a chance to visit there. I go from White to Pink and nothing in between(red head). I would love to have some beach time so much right now.
Instead we enjoyed a freezing rain Storm Saturday night, with about 4 inches of snow. We will not be doing beach until July here.

Funny you mentioned Snow Crab - Our boys head out fishing snow crab in 4 weeks.
Enjoyed your post.

Robin's Reports said...

Now I am jealous Andy. I'm sure you guys must eat fresh seafood every week being at PEI. (well, in the spring/summer weeks)