Tuesday, February 27, 2007

SHE'S ALIVE!!! SHE'S ALIVE!!! 2/27/07

(Must be said in your best Gene Wilder, Young Frankenstein voice.)

Today, our engine was hooked back up to the battery and all the fuel lines reattached. Jack and Bill ran over to the gas station for the first 10 gallons of gas to be put in the tank. One quick crank and she fired right up and began her throaty purr. It was music to all our ears. I was so excited, silly me, I called my Mom to hear the good news.

Tomorrow, the new steering lines will be hooked up and then I think we'll be able to dunk her in the river a couple miles up the road and see if it all goes well before throwing her back into the ocean.

More fishing pictures to be posted very soon!!! I'm getting the shakes from fishing withdrawls.


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