Friday, February 09, 2007

2/9/07 The fuel tank is coming out tomorrow. (See Step 3 below)

I have to say one thing about this project, it has been ROUGH!!

We've had expert advice from other Classic Mako owners who have paved the way, but I just had no idea of the sticking, cementing power of foam. Who would have thought that something that could break so easily and crumble even, could wedge between, around, under and glue down a fuel tank so completely into it's case? It has been mind-blowing to spend 3 DAYS whiddling (sp?) foam, half inch by half inch, 18 inches down, for a good 18 feet perimeter. Our backs are killing us and our fingers are numb from being pinched and working the tools, sometimes into the edges of the fiberglass case.

A couple times I worked alone while Jack ran to the Auto Parts store or Home Depot to get more 'stuff'. One of those times, I found inspiration from criminals, of all the places and people. How much patience and determination they must have to dig tunnels from ordinary kitchen utensils or pens! Progress must have been slow and yet they continued to labor. They keep their mind hopeful with the promise of freedom. I figured if they could do it, then I could continue too. We had come too far to close up the hatch and continue fishing. When I told Jack about my thoughts, he said I was a hoot.

We will have so much peace of mind after we inspect the entire tank. If it is so, that we need a new tank, there will be a quick run to Ft. Lauderdale to a surplus place. If our prayers are answered in the way *we want*, we will be fortunate to only put a coating of corrosion paint on it and then refoam it back in. All the lines & hoses will be replaces as they are in sad condition. This should keep it in great condition for another 20 years.

Anyhow, I see that many folks came home with great offshore catches this week, so I may post about anything I see that is newsworthy.

Be good to your boat! Do a winter inspection!

UPDATE: It's out!!

Here is the fuel tank being lifted and then the bottom-side showing on the table. Our friend, John B is out there with Jack sanding the rest of the green paint off the aluminum.


Crowzma said...

Robin, for the ease of your soul, think about prisoners of war and those who tunneled out of the concentration camps in WWII instead of criminals - same inspiration, different moral footing!

Good work, guys. Isn't it amazing how you can shovel down a mountain with a teaspoon if you just keep digging?

Robin's Reports said...

Oh Ginny, you are sooo right!! That is much easier on my soul.