Friday, September 22, 2006

9/22/06 Quiet Friday night (SeaWorld pics)

Here it is, Friday night and there is no big fishing adventure planned for the weekend thanks to something passing by in the Atlantic. Seas are 7 ft but will diminish down to 2 ft by Tuesday. We will more than likely wait til next Friday to fish so that the dirty water can clear. Gas has gone down considerably so we'll probably fill up the boat tank and wait for a good day. Here are some fun pictures in the meantime for our relatives.

Last Friday, our 4th trip to Sea World. (9/18)

Near the end of the day, we headed to the dolphin tank for a view. The window purchase fish for the dolphins was closed so really all we could do was wait around for a dolphin to feel particularly friendly.

And then it happened, this one jumped up on the wall for a petting. I'm so glad to have been able to capture this photo. I'm sure it will be making it to the fair in some category.

By the way, those are all three of my guys in the photo.

My 7yo captured this photo at the same tank. I went ahead and played with the color, brightness, and contrast on my photoshop and came up with this one. This may be his main entry for the fair for the enhanced digital.

Here is a leopard shark that sits in the tank in front of the restaurant where you can view sharks swimming while you eat. The couple next to me was feeding the fish. He was a little confused that I was giving handouts. Sorry guy.

As for the restaurant, its view is better than the food (not to mention pricey). We prefer to eat at Mango Joe's by the Polar Region. The food is excellent - I recommend the fahita salad in a taco shell.

Jack riding Kraken. He is sitting right above his name. It's not very clear here on the blog but nice in the original photo. On Wednesday, he and a coworker went back to SeaWorld together and they rode Kraken 9x in a row because the park was so quiet. Unfortunately, Bill got motion sickness.

The best show in the park is Seamore and Clyde's Seal and Walrus show. There is a lot of comedy but most of all, you want to get there early to see the mime make fun of others that show up seconds before the show. My kids could not manage to pose for the picture because they were so afraid he was making fun behind their backs in the photo, as you can see by this picture.

Hope to have some more fishy pictures for you next week.

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