Monday, February 10, 2014


by Robin

Above, Jack sanded and painted the insides of the storage boxes. Then, he refinished the teak wood and installed new pole holders in that area.  This allows for holding 4, not 3 poles.  Plus, he made the cut-out at the end of the box bigger to accommodate the rod tips much easier. We were always fighting those little 2 holes it came with from the manufacturer. 

Jack is installing the other set.

As you can see here, the chairs and live well still are out of the boat and are in various processes of being fixed.  But, the teak on the side pocket storage boxes has also been reinstalled.  

Jack says next weekend's steps will be to remove the floor box lids & latches.  Those will get repainted and so will the floor from where we scratched it up over the past 6-7 yrs. 

We'll be fishing hopefully in March.

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