Wednesday, October 02, 2013


by Robin

Well, the weekend after Snapper season, Jack got an invite to dive on a buddy's boat and borrow his diving equipment.  He already had his license but sold off his equipment a couple years ago. But, when a bunch of  friends are going diving, it's hard not to catch the diving bug too.

Here's Jack's friend, Chuck.  (I did not take any of the pictures, so I'm thankful for these forwards to me.)

 photo IMGP0027sm.jpg

Here's Jack with coworkers and "bugs".

 photo IMGP0032sm.jpg

Down center is Mike and Mabuhay is his boat.

 photo IMGP0034sm.jpg

Overall, they came back with 10 lobster.

 photo IMGP0031sm.jpg

I do have some more pictures of the lobster Jack brought back to me that night (3) but I will have to find them and edit them for the blog. I think they're in massive pixels.

I can share with you two of Jack's stories.

On his first dive, Chuck finds that massive lobster under a ledge but he can't get him out, even with a tickle stick.  So, Jack and Chuck are pulling and prodding this bug.  I wish I had had a camera to watch all of it.

On the last dive, Jack found this wonderful ledge and then dropped down with another buddy to go check it out for bugs.  Well, they passed through a thermocline (cloudy, cold water) and when he finally got the bottom in sight, he was no longer near the ledge.  He spent a lot of time looking around before he finally got back to it.  I think by then, the other guy had cleaned it out and Jack needed to go back up for air.  So, he begins his ascend.  If you know anything about diving, even from watching movies, you know they need to stop every so often to not get the bends ( .  So, Jack gets to a location about 15 ft below the water and is waiting.  Meanwhile a school of mahi mahi swim up (10-12 lbers) and he wants to take a shot at one.  He stalks, waits, shoots and something fouls in his borrowed equipment.  Misses the fish and then sucks his last breath of air.  Grrrrr.  Time up and he swims to the surface.  Too bad he didn't get a mahi to bring home as well.

The good news is that he did bring mahi home the next weekend.  More on that story later.  Time to school my son.

Happy Fishing,

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