Sunday, December 02, 2012


I'm definitely in recovery.  Recovery from too much schooling, too many doctors, too much physical therapy (Jack's behalf) and too long from blogging. 

Jack took the Fall to have rotator cuff repair surgery and then stay in physical therapy for the next 8 wks.  Now that he is healed, we have been addressing some issues with the boat.  One of them was checking to see if the new boat ladder was interferring with the propellar.  And it was.  The other is to address & reconstruct a new platform.  It's done.  Now, we wait for good weather offshore and try fishing again.  We did a river run and all the equipment worked well.  It was good to get the cob webs out from even our lack of loading/ unloading the boat. 

So, we wait.  This weekend, we had a party, church work day, baby shower, which got missed, an SEC Championship game and I signed (interpreted) at church this morning.  Next weekend, we may have Saturday open if the weather is good.  We'll watch & see.

For now, here is a cool YouTube video I found for you.  Seems to be very popular.  I picked it because it involves a Right Whale which are near & dear to our hearts here in Florida.  This was taken in the Auckland Islands. 

This is very short, but it is amazing at how breathtaking these giant creatures are.

God bless.  Hope to be back in blogging business again.

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