Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tourney Results
by Robin

Tourny 1
Dolphin1. Rigatoni, 29.5, Matt Ring2. Dirty Hooker, 27.4, Jason Shimpnaugh3. Sea Hopper, 26.75, Harold Cook

Tourny 2
Dolphin1. Watusi, 31.90, Bradley McGuire2. In The Salt, 31.85, Eric Johnson3. Triple 7's, 23.70, Ralph Turner4. Slam Time, 26.50, Jeff Brown

Why do I bother mentioning this??? Top tourny weights of dolphin were 31.9 lbs and 29.5 lbs. Those are very low weights in a fish that can easily top 70 lbs. Jacksonville is having large mahi and south of us are seeing large mahi.

I believe this heavy freeze, late spring run and now intense heat have done something so weird to the migration patterns. Fish that stayed with normal migration times, continued in the Gulf Stream until the inshore waters warmed up enough for them to cross over. That means they bypassed us. Fish that were late in migration stayed south and eventually hung there in the deeper waters off those shores.

Anyhow, that is my guess to such weird tourny results. Btw, no wahoo were caught in either tournament. Also strange.

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